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Started using this last week and it’s a fantastic product. 🔗
Let Data Improve Your Tennis Game 🔗
For anyone who’s against universal healthcare or in favor of expanding Obamacare 🔗
Is this guy ok ? Comparing @BernieSanders victory to Nazi’s defeating France ? It’s antisemitic ! @MSNBC if you value journalism FIRE Chris Matthews ! 🔗
When your boss is running for President ! Shame ! 🔗
I admire his efficiency 🔗
AI lover’s food for thought 🤖 🔗
From Winston Churchil to this in less than 100 years...what a miracle 🔗
Till now we just had to upgrade our iPhones once a year. From now on put some money aside to upgrade your kitchen too; once a year ! 🔗
Just finished watching Bill’s Brain’s first episode on Netflix. It’s an extraordinarily documentary. Highly recommended for everybody to watch! 🔗
Father’s Office burger is definitely 100% absolutely the best burger in LA #foodporn 🔗
When was the last time you did something for the first time? 🔗
What do you think about Bernie/Yang ticket ? #DemDebate 🔗
Just seen an @segment Good Morning SF ad running on @Firefly_Cities in middle of Santa Monica 🔗
Well how about starting with English first ? 🔗
Hmmm... Interesting. Can’t wait to ask Siri my next move 😎 🔗
How is this American ? We all have to stand up to this animosity 🔗
Still want 5G to roll out ? #SurveillanceState 🔗
Congratulations to my friends at UCLA Anderson School specially @mogolshan on their well-deserved success 🥳 #UCLA2019 🔗
I rather to pay for @Twitter and see no Ads. @Medium does it and it’s awesome! 🔗
I wish I could make the time stop ! 🔗
I have nothing against it rather than it won’t take long before we see bigger ones equipped with real guns ! 🔗
Ok you can now smell like an Xbox too ! How exuberayting 🔗
“Don’t Fuck Up the Culture” by @bchesky is a must read for every entrepreneur. 🔗
Shout out to strategy and product team @rivian. Their products are absolutely amazing! They are the market leader in their own segment and they have adopted a very smart competitive strategy to benefit from automotive industry giants. #ElectricVehicles 🔗
It’s finally sunny and warm here in LA. I was just about to forget why people pay so much to live here! 🔗
This is awesome ! 🎪 🔗
Can someone tell me how did twitter figured I always wear wrinkled clothes ? 🤔 #privacyplease #stopspying 🔗
Yes! In America !!! #FixTheFuture #infrastructure 🔗
It’ll be fascinating to watch building the first industrial-strength cognitive platform for robots. @GaryMarcus @rodneyabrooks @mohamedramer @hiskov I have no experience in AI nor robotics. Any ideas how I can contribute to other areas of your company? 🔗
Can someone distract Thiem please ? Novak v Nadal is a way better final ! #RG19 🔗
Novak is going to finals, have no doubt about it ! #RG19 @DjokerNole 🔗
Federer v Nadal at Roland Garros Semi-Final tomorrow ! My money is on Nadal for 3-1 match. Let’s see... #RolandGarros #FrenchOpen 🔗
Hey excuse me #Twitter 👋 Can I please follow some people ? I joined yesterday and I have a long list of people I have to follow ! 🔗
It’ll be so exciting to watch how they will go head to head with Amazon. 🔗
Most difficult task of the day : Get out of the bed without checking my phone first #PhoneAddict #PleaseHelp 🔗
First #Tweet 🔗