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Strong agree on this 🔗
Brings me back to Summer 2017, when @MeadowsRichard spent like 72 hours putting all his reading lists into very first Roam. 🔗
Awesome!! 🔗
When @RoamResearch builds a wall. 🔗
YESSSSSS!!!!!! 🔗
The Last Dance is the best thing I've ever seen on Netflix. 🔗
Barbell theory of invention - the place to look for the future is with elite performers who do weird hacks to win, and those with handicap or disability who need weird hacks to survive 🔗
Everyone asks about the Roam Roadmap - besides high level backend stuff - like the API and Performance - new features aren't on a fixed Roadmap We have a network of questions we want to answer and we work on the features that help us bootstrap that work 🔗
Has someone built a Workflowy -> @RoamResearch importer? It's just a copy/paste action, but for someone with years of data in Workflowy... putting all that in a single page would be... suboptimal. cc @Malcolm_Ocean 🔗
This is gorgeous! Easy theme chooser! 🔗
What is the best notes app/workflow for Android? I hear @draftsapp is best ios, but no equivalent Preference would be - syncs with mac app, extremly fast to open, basic drawing functionality, easy clip text or tweets Currently use Google Keep, but sync is slow, no native mac. 🔗
Behold #roamcult One with eyes to see has seen! 🔗
❀ 🔗
Oat milk is worse for you than cigarettes. 🔗
Compound Interest on your thoughts 🔗
Thank you AndrΓ©!! 🔗
Exactly me tonight, but I got more hair 🔗
This true AND - things ADHD folks need to survive are things that eventually everyone will want as well. 🔗
Block references are about to get a LOT more powerful Hold onto your f*ckin hats #roamcult 🔗
They added a backlink icon to new version of blueprint.js We've officially made it 🔗
This line of thinking is my JAM ISAs for everyone. Teachers as micro-vcs Public education already kinda does this, the ISA is just called taxes. 🔗
Google cal pre-api integration 🔗
The aha moments tend to happen when you've got the problem you can't fit in your head Real utility comes when you see how the new model applies to your person crm, daily journaling, project and goal tracking etc 🔗
πŸ˜‚ 🔗
😬 🔗
Really enjoying the flag of Tampa Bay. In some strage way, reminds me of @RoamResearch Thanks for tweeting it @pieratt! 🔗
We love you @tasshinfogleman Great to have the knowledge management monk on Roam! 🔗
I've heard crazy stories about $$$ value of @RoamResearch from power users. An exec finding portion of nevada state code to send to his lawyer to get lawsuit dismissed, Masters Student getting thesis on track and avoiding extra semester. Curious if others have concrete examples 🔗
Tradeoffs - you arent creating proper attr links But you get cool metadata page to filter on, and this coukd make some cool workflows To each their own. 🔗
πŸ¦‹πŸŒ€ 🔗
Realized that recursive tags actually make the most sense for attributes Really powerful format that query, filter, and backlinks support today Has added advantage of helping you see all authors πŸ€” 🔗
So, I think @nateliason popularized the idea of nesting attributes under metadata. If you do this, you will not be able to query on attributes when that feature ships. Just be warned. Attributes attach to whatever is immediately above them 🔗
Yes - embeded blocks are proper transclusion (you see whole subtree and can edit from either location) Block References are more like pointers - link to a block that displays content of the block (unless wrapped in alias [*](((blockuid))) 🔗
I need to do a thread about @francis_miller one of these days. What an incredible gift that guy is to the community. Awesome to see this collab with @rroudt 🔗
Good event. Go see the #roamcult matriarch talk. Starting soon at @whatstheii 🔗
Peace is possible 🔗
Happy Friday y'all Quality of life improvement for @RoamResearch, shift-clicking "Daily Notes" will now open today's note in your sidebar. 🔗
Fascinating public Roam. Combo of mastermind and collaborative Zettelkasten How did I miss this!!!? 🔗
πŸ₯° 🔗
Truth. 🔗
Consistently delited by frequency of Christopher Alexander references on #roamcult twitter 🔗 🔗
This good 🔗
FYI - I meant, next improvement I was announcing, not next thing we're working on. This has been out since yesterday's release. Just was poorly phrased tweet. Even better for filtering backlinks. 🔗
Do things that don't scale. 🔗
You need to say something in your own words if you are to understand it -- and the fact that you'll always change it when you do -- that's how ideas evolve - random mutations as they spread through minds. 🔗
Been waiting for a good contact tracing app in the US. @CitizenApp is it 🔗
πŸ₯° 🔗
This is absolutely massive. The path to Twitter to Roam is being cleared 🔗
2020 and I've FINALLY found a full set of EDM and Country mashups. 🔗
Ideal work environment. 🔗
Boom 🔗
This is so so awesome to hear 🔗
Incredible video. Important inditement of failed policies in San Francisco. It's gotten WAY worse since Covid and Chesa. Unclear which has been worse for homelessness and public saftey in SF. 🔗
Quite doable to the be the most knowledgeable about your craft. Dream job is where you enjoy PRACTICE Great advice 🔗
This is beautiful articulation of concept I've had hard time explaining. Sometimes we will ship a one-off thing like pomodoro timers, if it takes less than an hour to implement most new work is on figuring out features that are multiplicative Combine to solve new problems. 🔗
Interesting stats 🔗
Browsers are just as broken as Evernote 🔗
This is definitely a [[Great Metaphor]] for something. Not sure what yet though. "Chicken and Beef Together" 🔗
This is how I want all news delivered 🔗
Big News on this front coming soon 🔗
.@mayfer [[Calling Shots]] 🔗
This is Sparta. 🔗
Wow. Throwback to when I legit believed shelter in place in SF was gonna be three weeks. 🔗
"Best piece of software I've used in a decade" @RoamResearch 🔗 🔗
#quotes 🔗
πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° 🔗
Thank you Dan! Have been very inspired by things I've seen come out of Palantir. 🔗
Agree 🔗
All now fully supported in Roam 🔗
Just shipped our biggest new feature in a very long time. Makes Anki style SRS flashcards a first class feature of Roam, solves repeating tasks, continuing a project across multiple days, an overflowing backlog of TODOS, and much more. Will demo to believers this weekend βˆ† 🔗
[[Quality of Life Improvements]] in @RoamResearch Control-p for up arrow Control-n for down arrow Brought to you thanks to @balajis who refused to switch to Roam until he could move around in it at least as quickly as he does in emacs org-mode 🔗
One of most influential movie quotes of my life. Watched again earlier this year and cried like a @QiaochuYuan. 🔗
The world is a good place. 🔗
After maybe 2 dozen listens through of this set in past weeks, I'm coming around to the idea that to @robresnick is the most underrated producer working today. Truly a masterpiece, gets better every time. 🔗
In the age of quarantined remote knowledge work - ages 10-18 are perfect time to learn and earn. Give it time - RoamFund writing checks so small, so early - will make @1517fund look like Softbank. 🔗
This but unironically. Child labor was common b4 industrialization Kids did chores as soon as they could, helped with farm or in parents workshops. Because parents tend to.. y'know.. love their children, not a problem Factory owner exploit -> child labor laws -> infantalism 🔗
Paul is leading one of two most interesting (non Roam) projects on future of programming I've seen. He's very worth learning from. 🔗
Big fan of @patel0phone Huge win for @beondeck 🔗
Organizing the world's information. Definitely a good idea to trust the problem to algorithms! πŸ˜‚ 🔗
This might be the single most coherent writeup about the motivation and backstory of @RoamResearch on the web. Props to @roamtips for the writeup, and @HarryStebbings for the fantastic interview, don't know that I've ever sounded so coherent! 🔗
Absolute πŸ”₯ 🔗
Great opportunity #roamcult. I hear Celine's company gives all new hires a puppy that will never die, and she's tight with @LauraDeming so probably will be ok with you spending all your time in @RoamResearch 🔗
It's a family photo!!! 🔗
Would love to have a collection of all of Time's reporting leading up to the Iraq War right next to this article. 🔗
Interesting social challenge here. If I owned a bar, would want to know every time a hero walked in, so I could announce them and get them free drinks. Unlikely they would announce themselves, even if they would enjoy free drinks, and celebrating heroism net good. 🔗
Spinoza's ethics as a knowledge graph 🔗
Austen subtweets Victoria Ledford. 🔗
So thrilled to have you on board @Shripriya Figured it was only a matter of time after saw you showing up in our slack, and saw the blog post on community lead companies that was basically subtweet of Roam. 🔗
YES. SOMEONE. [[The Glass Bead Game]] 🔗
So thrilled to have you on board Stephanie!! And thank you @briannekimmel for connecting us! 🔗
Insight lives at the Intersection of Siloed Fields. Billy Ray gets it 🔗
This is in fact true. Here are the quality of life improvements to @RoamResearch I was working on into late last night, which I didn't have time to make videos for today with all the buzz. 🔗
πŸ™Œ Amen! 🔗
Wow. Spot on. 🔗
And true. 🔗
Can't find an RJ Reynolds or American Spirit twitter account, but someone should get us in touch for official sponsorship Photo credit @kaifaust 🔗
Round was quite oversubscribed, and very grateful to investors who took lower allocation than their normal minimum. We felt like 10M was a good round number, and saved last 1M for the #roamcult - starting w Believers We expect to create a lot of value before IPO. Want you w us. 🔗
Been working on this problem a lomg time... 🔗
Hey @fortelabs, the #roamcult wants to know what subfolder of your evernote you're putting this article under 🔗
News is great and all, I'm definitely going to have to do some threads today about the amazing people and institutions we've brought on board... But most exciting thing for me today is it looks like @RoamResearch is finally going to pass @fortelabs in twitter followers!!!! 🔗
I just use baking soda #nopoo 🔗
We can do MUCH better than this. 🔗
Genius. Might add to core. 🔗
All roads. All tweets. Lead to Roam. 🔗
SRS is about much more than memory. Which is why we didn't just add a flashcard system Credit @andy_matuschak for "programmable attention" 🔗
THIS GUY RIGHT HERE We go out of our way to take care of folks on the team, Harry has figured out amazing answers to lot of our open legal/finance questions - how to give later employees stock the same way founders and early employees get it - how to give employees liquidity 🔗
Our approach to new features is slight modification Three quarters to figure out conceptual model Three days to ship Three years before we get to @rahulvohra polish πŸ˜… 🔗