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I thought it was SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, but another responder says HANNIBAL. We all agree it was Thomas Harris. 🔗
"I wanna go wit' Jeeza I wanna go wit' Chrise. I can go wit' Jeeza If I act real nice." Name the novel this comes from. 🔗
Trump on women, in 1992: "You have to treat 'em like shit." 🔗
Almost as much as I hate autocorrect. 🔗
Sigh. Richard MATHESON. I hate this tiny keyboard. 🔗
SURVIVOR SONG, by Paul Tremblay: Absolutely riveting. I haven’t been able to put it down. Reminds me of Richard Mathewson at his best. 🔗
Thank God for Paula Reid, and other brave journos who won’t let Trump get away with his shit. 🔗
Fang you. Fang you very much, ladies and germs. 🔗
Damn good show. 🔗
Okay, the Kaiser Chiefs. But Zappa’s Dinah-Moe is pretty much about lust. Also, football; club songs don’t count. Sorry. 🔗
I believe--you may prove me wrong--that "Prove It All Night" is the only love song in history to contain the word "dynamo." 🔗
I’m sorry for your loss. 🔗
The new head of the USPS, Louis DeJoy, is a Trump man through and though (and major donor). He is now busy making sure USPS can't handle voting in this year's presidential election. The fix is in. This cannot stand. 🔗
I will finish David Mitchell's UTOPIA AVENUE tonight. It's long. The best compliment I can give: I wish it were longer. 🔗
Always coyreddit yor tweets. 🔗
Minister, not minster. (But you knew that.) 🔗
A priest, a minster, and a rabbit walk into a bar. The rabbit says, "I think I'm a typo." 🔗
One thing you Maine voters should be very aware of: if Susan Collins wins, she'll owe a debt to the right wing Neo-cons. She'll be in their pocket. 🔗
Newt Gingrich's latest hustle on behalf of Susan Collins names Barack Obama--the guy who got Osama bin Laden--as a member of the "radical left. If that doesn't motivate you to vote for Sara Gideon, I don't know what will. 🔗
Trump fails to understand that denial is not a river in Egypt. 🔗
These recaps are invaluable. 🔗
Yes. Trump was for face masks from the beginning. Wasn’t he? 🔗
Mars needs children. 🔗
Wait-wait-wait. Donald Trump may be smarter than I give him credit for. He may believe that COVID cases are like Schrondinger's Cat: if you don't count them, they don't exist. 🔗
Trump actually said this: “If we tested less, there would be fewer cases.” Think about this. It’s like doublethink from Orwell’s 1984. 🔗
Yeah, this is a cool book. 🔗
THE STORE is great. So is THE BANK. 🔗 🔗
What she said. 🔗
Next year. March. 🔗
I love this. 🔗
The loveliest of British colloquialisms, at least to my ear, is "milk float." 🔗
Also Disappointed that Dwight Yoakam sings “Echoes In My head” instead of “Pickles in my head.” 🔗
VIVARIUM (Hulu) blew me away. Rich and strange. If you love it, thank me. If you hate it, don't blame me. 🔗
Trump is sick-jealous of Fauci. 🔗
As an old rocker, I have to say I fucking loved David Mitchell's new novel, UTOPIA AVENUE, about the flowering of British rock and roll in the mid- to late-60s. It's a hit on my Billboard list. 🔗
Politics aside, you have to admit Trump has done a shit job as President. In fact, his picture could be next to "shit job" in the dictionary. 🔗
The man who is proud of being able to remember 5 nouns for 10 minutes is in charge of the world’s biggest nuclear arsenal. 🔗
Stay there. 🔗
Even if you're a supporter, you must see by now that if Donald Trump was your uncle, the family would be discussing how to gently take away his car keys. 🔗
151,000 Americans dead from COVID-19. Even if you give Trump a pass on a third of that--much, much more than he deserves--he is responsible by virtue of his inaction for 100,000 dead Americans. Tell every Trump voter you know. 🔗
Is it true that if a person eats enough mayonnaise, their stay at the Mayo Clinic is free? (It's probably true because I read it on the Internet.) 🔗
The fucking lawmakers have to stay in Washington until they have a stimulus package. If it was up to me, they'd do it without air conditioning. Once their underwear started sticking in their ass-cracks, they'd make a deal. 🔗
I wish I could go to Denny's and get a Moons Over My Hammy. I won't say I'd kill for that, but almost. 🔗
You are such a man-baby. 🔗
That's a big 10-4! It's time for a change! 🔗
Yes. They are going to vote for him, but they are ashamed to admit it. Don’t trust the polls. Vote. 🔗
Susan Collins likes to take credit for the Paycheck Protection Program. What she doesn't tell you is that big corporate chains scarfed up the taxpayer money before most of the small businesses in Collins’ home state of Maine had a chance to access the funds. 🔗
Women in command (like Maine's Janet Mills) have done a far better job of dealing with COVID-19 than men have. Less tiresome macho bullshit of the Trump-DeSantis-Kemp sort. 🔗
Let me see if I can do it. It's hard, I'm not at Trump's genius level, but I'll try. Here we go: for President! How'd I do? 🔗
By this fall, the number of American dead as a result of COVID-19 will equal TWICE the number of Americans killed in the Vietnam war. 🔗
I have started to see a lot of Trump signs in my little patch of America, and each one provokes the same surge of unreality. I think, "Really? After all the deaths, and all he's done to wreck the economy? REALLY?" 🔗
Mask your germs. 🔗
And now a little singing public service announcement from the Rock Bottom Remainders. 🔗
You think the world is going to shit, then you find out other people are watching DARK and you say THANK YOU GOD, THERE’S HOPE! 🔗
Totally true. 🔗
MetaWitches. 🔗
Totally true. 🔗
DARK (Netflix) is dark and complex...and...well...very German. Terrific show. If you get confused, go to MetaWitches and check out Metacrone's recaps. Detailed and helpful. 🔗
In April, Trump and his neocon cohorts has a choice: commerce or human lives. They chose commerce. 🔗
Time for a new OMEN movie, one for the Age of Trump. 🔗
Retweet the hell out of this—it’s that good. And that sadly funny. 🔗
I need it. 🔗
Hey hey, ho ho, Susan Collins has to go. #ByeByeSusie 🔗
140,000 dead Americans. Trump is selling beans. 🔗
Ron DeSantis, the Republican Florida Gov, wants gyms and health clubs to stay open because they are healthy. When God was handing out the brains, Ron thought He said drains and asked for a big empty one. 🔗
John Lewis, an American hero. All black lives matter, but his was a standout in the fight for equality. One of the greats. 🔗
A very good question. 🔗
Castle Rock, Maine. 🔗
Terrific book. 🔗
Evil must always sleep with one eye open. 🔗
Really enjoying Season 2 of NOS4A2, especially Ashleigh Cummings as Vic and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as her father. These look like real people, not make-believe TV people. Vic's baggy shorts are perfect. 🔗
1919. 🔗
HIGHTOWN's gotta come back. 🔗
I'm not a critic. I'm not an "influencer." I'm an APPRECIATOR! 🤣 🔗
The show I've had the most pure fun with this summer is PARADOX (HULU). Maybe a plot hole here and there, but the central situation is intriguing, the pace is relentless, and the cast is winning. 🔗
TRUMP WEARS MASK! Sad this has to be a headline. 🔗
How would Republicans have reacted to such a number under Obama's watch? 🔗
John Bolton's book proves that Trump is not just unfit to be President, he is CATACLYSMICALLY unfit. The number of Americans killed by the coronavirus is 43 times greater than those who died in the World Trade Center. 🔗
Trump has commuted Roger Stone's 40-month sentence. Every time you think the Orange Man has hit the gutter, he bounces lower. 🔗
Will Adult Story Time include LADY CHATTERLY’S LOVER and THE STORY OF O? Perhaps FANNY HILL? 🔗 🔗
To me, this is the most important political ads so far. Please remember that Trump could not have succeeded without these enablers. 🔗
Cage match between Tucker Carlson and Tammy Duckworth: Even without legs, she'd make him scream for his mommy. 🔗
It’s great! 🔗
Thanks to the Supreme Court (and Susan Collins), many hard-pressed women are going to find it tougher to obtain adequate birth control. 🔗
Paul Tremblay turned me on to ONE CUT OF THE DEAD (Shudder). If you think you’ve seen every variation of haven’t. Original and big fun. Thanks, Paul! 🔗
I believe trans women are women. I do not believe that hate speech and shaming speech are acceptable. Those things are the enemy of rational discourse. Treat even those with whom you disagree with the dignity you expect yourself. 🔗
One hopes your heart also breaks for Nick Cordero, and the 132,000 others who have died from the disease your boss won't talk about. 🔗
Season 1 of HANNA was very good. Season 2 is excellent. A few (very few) plot holes, but the story roars right through them. 🔗
According to Henry James, the most beautiful TWO words in the English language are “summer afternoon.” 🔗
This from Susan Collins: "Two years ago, the Far Left created a massive fund in an attempt to buy my vote during the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. I stood my ground and did what was right." She has to go. 🔗
In 2016, Trump voters sowed the wind. In 2020, all of us get to reap the whirlwind. Thanks, Trump voters. 🔗
It's the American Virus now, big boy. 🔗
HANNA (Amazon Prime) is really smart and entertaining. Two seasons available. Enjoy, but first enjoy Episode 3 of NOS4A2. I happen to know the guy who wrote the book. He's amazing. AMC. Tonight. 10 Eastern. 🔗
The shit President Trump is saying goes far beyond politics. These are traitorous lies that are costing lives and ripping the country apart. Republican elected officials and health care experts have a moral responsibility to stand up and say NO. 🔗
As The Beach Boys once said, "Wouldn't it be nice." 🔗
“Frenetic efforts by top Republicans to soothe the president.” That’s from The NY Times. In other words, the most powerful man in the world is a big squalling baby. 🔗
Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, reacts to Yoshi saying, "Let's be good for a change! We'll get more treats, and people will like us! I might even stop shitting on the floor in front of the TV!" 🔗
Susan Collins--"Maine's Bipartisan Senator!"--is now allowing her neo-conservative PAC to air slimy ads attacking Sara Gideon. Apparently Collins is willing to sell her moral convictions for a Senate seat. Shame! 🔗
But...looks yummy. 🔗
Brag brag brag. 🔗
I'm so sorry to hear that Carl Reiner has passed on. He was a great entertainer and a fine man. 🔗
This sounds right. BTW, they refer to the leader of the illegal fishermen as The Scrodfather. 🔗
Kavanaugh told her he’d respect precedent in respect to abortion rights, and she believed him. Collins has to go. 🔗
HIGHTOWN: What does the fish policeman mean when he says, “Wait until they get the dredge on deck and then NOVA their asses?” 🔗 🔗
Love HIGHTOWN (Starz). James Badge Dale and Monica Raymund are wonderful and the story is tight, but it's kind of sad to see all those pre-COVID Provincetown partiers, in the days before masks. 🔗
Let me get this straight: Republicans are really planning to have an open convention in J’ville, Florida? Will delegates actually go? 🔗
It's time to re-release that Police song, "Don't Stand So Close to Me." 🔗
125,000 dead Americans and Donald Trump is playing golf. Unreal. 🔗
Yup, yup. 😀 🔗
The dialogue is plenty tough. These guys are chewing nails and spitting out staples. 🔗
Watching BRUTE FORCE (1947) on TCM. Burt Lancaster planning a breakout in a penitentiary full of white men. 🔗
Come to COVID WORLD, in Florida! Ride the Coffin Coaster! Take a cruise on the Fever Flatboats! Free beer for the kiddies, free wine for the winos! 🔗
Given his Christian beliefs, Mike Pence must believe the day will come when he will have to stand before the throne of God and explain why he put politics ahead of human lives in the matters of masks and public gatherings. 🔗
Trump is protecting statues instead of people. 🔗
Very kind of you. Audio is great. 🔗
😀thank you! 🔗
Loved 7500. 🔗
I liked Dave Franco's THE RENTAL (Amazon Prime) very much. We've seen this horror trope before, what Joe Bob Briggs once called "Spam in a cabin," but this features an actual plot, drawn wire-tight. Has a John D. MacDonald feel. 🔗
The Red Sox are fortunate to be playing in an empty Fenway. Bosox fans are unforgiving. Based on the way they’re playing, the team would be getting their asses booed off. 🔗
Two minds with but a single thought. 🔗
Absolutely. 100%. Also THEY CAME FROM WITHIN. 🔗
I finally caught up with THE WRECK OF THE MARY DEARE, with Charlton Heston and Gary Cooper. It's a darn good seafaring adventure yarn. You always miss a few of the good ones, right? 60 years later, but what the hell. 🔗
Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, has decided that Trump is just a bit TOO evil. She is supporting Joe Biden. Because, she barks, "He's the lesser of two evils, and at debate time I expect him to BITE Trump." 🔗
What he said. 🔗
I agree with the consensus: when we talk about what a terrible job Trump has done, and how he’s trying to insure a 2nd term by rigging the election, we are talking to each other. Not to his supporters. They don’t listen. 🔗
Jared Kushner looks weirdly like H.P. Lovecraft at 30. 🔗
This administration has set the worst public example in history. For shame. And using the Peoples' House as a prop. Double shame. 🔗
From RAW STORY: "Collins is actually one of the members of Congress most responsible for the Postal Service’s devastation. Long before DeJoy started manipulating the USPS, Collins was at the forefront of a bill that crippled the agency’s finances." 🔗
Collins ads scolding Sara Gideon for taking "dark money" are pretty hilarious, considering the billionaires to whom our Susie is in debt. Hey hey, ho ho, Susan Collins has to go. 🔗
I keep underestimating Trump’s stupidity. My bad. 🔗 🔗
Fox News? Fox News??? When you cut somebody off to rebut them, that's not news, that's fuckin' propaganda! And the people watching swallow it BECAUSE THEY NEVER LOOK OR LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE! 🔗
I watched Andrew Cuomo on Fox last night. Sean Hannity wasn't having any of that. Broke in and cut him off in mid-flow, man! "Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!" cried Hannity (not in those exact words, true). But you could see the fright in his eyes. 😂 🔗 🔗
ESCAPE AT DANNEMORA is TV at its best. But the best of the best? The 9-minute+ opening of Episode 5 appears to be one continuous, eye-popping shot. Ben Stiller directs; Jessica Lee Gage is the DP who brings it off with seemingly effortless panache. 🔗
Trump’s inner circle vehemently denies his comments about SUCKERS and LOSERS. Sure they do. If they heard such crap and remained silent, they understand how America would feel about them, too. 🔗
Just want to say that I've known several Karens in my lifetime who were perfectly nice and socially conscious and cool to animals and wear masks in Walmart. 🔗
Trump says American soldiers who died in WWI were LOSERS and SUCKERS. How much does it take for those who support him to see that he’s the LOSER? 🔗
Maybe Joe Biden should have a food taster. 🔗
The White House has a video loop of Nancy Pelosi at the salon. Where is the one of the unmasked crowd at the acceptance speech, led by the Unmasker in Chief? 🔗
Listening to "Gloria," by Them. Next up, "Highway 49," by the Jeff Healy Band. Might have to shout all night. 🔗
Ban soup, not guns. 🔗
Trump was incompetent from the start, but it has become increasingly clear that the pressure of the pandemic has rendered him mentally unstable. And, based on some of the strange things he's saying, probably delusional. This guy has the nuclear codes. 🔗
Well...after sifting through the usual smartass responses, I'm left with three possibilities for the Mysterious Green Object: 1.) Lime...duh. 2.) Black walnut casing...duh. 3.) Alien pod that will develop into an evil Black and Tan Corgi...duh. 🔗
I found this by the side of the road on my morning walk with Molly (aka the Thing of Evil). It's hard and smells nice, almost like aftershave. My daughter Naomi says it's a lime that escaped from someone's grocery bag. What do you think, Twitter? 🔗
I had a wonderful conversation with the novelist James Lee Burke last night. He's a good guy and a wonderful writer. The new novel is called A Private Cathedral. 🔗
I'm sure someone has pointed this out, but on the slight chance they haven't: Don't you older Twitterheads think Mike Pence looks like the Man from Glad in the old commercials? 🔗
Yeah, that one is a little bit special. 🔗
Crazy mass parties w/o masks. A crammed audience at a Chain Smokers concert, few if any wearing masks. We were horrified, but they were kids. Now look at no-mask middle-aged Republicans partying in front of the White House. Are you shitting me? 🔗
Greg Kihn should be on that list. 🔗
Kyle Howard Rittenhouse, the suspected Kenosha shooter, was in the front row of a Trump rally in Des Moines. Do you want to tell me that Trump's hate-filled, divisive rhetoric isn't driving much of the violence in our cities? 🔗
Me either, Meg. 🔗
Ask yourself if 4 years of Trump has made you feel safer. 🔗
Doc Rivers: "It's amazing how we [i.e., black people] keep loving this country, and our country keeps not loving us back." 🔗
The death toll is beyond staggering. Thank God for REAL news, as opposed to FoxProp. 🔗
According to the NY Post, Jerry Falwell Jr.’s golden parachute could total $10 million. Jesus wept. 🔗
More Republican Convention tonight! 🔗
Lock her up! 😂 🔗
This is what we lost. Give a listen. 🔗
It appears that Justin Townes Earle has died. I hope it's a hoax but fear it is not. What a loss. 🔗
A large part of the problem is what I call FoxProp. 🔗
After terrorist assholes hit the World Trade Center, 2,606 people died. The country came together: Democrats AND Republicans. Now 57% of Republicans call 176,000 dead from COVID-19 "acceptable losses?" What happened to you, America? 🔗
According to a CBS poll, 57% of Republicans feel that 176,000 dead from COVID-19 are “acceptable losses.” 🔗
Thanks. I think. 🔗
She’s evil, you must believe me. 🔗
Jon, aka the Thing of Bad, and Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, enjoy an advance screening of Russell Crowe in UNHINGED. 🔗
This is another fucking Donald Trump lie. 🔗
THE CAPTURE (Peacock): If you liked THE OUTSIDER, you will like this. Extra bonus points for Ron Perlman. 🔗
Must-see. 🔗
We Knew a Thing or Two because We Saw a Thing or Two. 🔗
Trump news conference: Bunch of men all crammed together and NOT ONE OF THEM WEARING A MASK. 🔗
Trump’s example of not wearing a mask has cost thousands of lives. 🔗
Dear Florida: Trump is pissing all over your state, and 48% of you are still convinced it's raining. 🔗
The buzz building around Catriona Ward's THE LAST HOUSE ON NEEDLESS STREET is real. I've read it and was blown away. It's a true nerve-shredder that keeps its mind-blowing secrets to the very end. Haven't read anything this exciting since GONE GIRL. 🔗
Based on the trailer of FREAKY, Vince Vaughn has GOT to get nominated for an Academy Award. This looks fucking AWESOME! 🔗
This is the best news of the day. 🔗
He knew. He lied. 190,000 people died. 🔗
Trump never talks policy or plans, he just throws mud. 🔗
Ranch dressing is weird, and oddly snotlike, don't you think? Or is it just me? 🔗
Thousands of people are dead in Florida, the tourist industry has taken a body blow, but Biden and Trump are tied, 48% to 48%. Help me understand this. 🔗
One of my favorite shows of all time. The kind you go to when you’re feeling sad. 🔗
I did better. I got a 4. 🔗