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I believe in the America that we can build together. Thank you, Detroit! https://t.co/vT9rnnnZNP 🔗
Trickle down economics has been a failure. We need to build an economy from the grassroots up. https://t.co/6k34XJKmfl 🔗
Polls are still open in some #SuperTuesday states! If you haven’t voted yet, find your polling location now and get out and vote! https://t.co/5tQ5A0Zkq2 🔗
Polls are still open. If you’re still in line when polls close, stay in line! Find your polling location here: https://t.co/5tQ5A1gVhA https://t.co/NBM637cO08 🔗
I believe in the America that we can build together. https://t.co/i7BnOZG5aR 🔗
Every day in the selfie lines, I hear the stories from people who are struggling, who need a government that's on their side, not the side of the billionaires and giant corporations. They're why I'm in this fight. https://t.co/oE0fR64rIW 🔗
Yes, these are hard times. Yes, people are afraid. And the danger is real. Our very democracy hangs in the balance. But Latinx and Chicano history teaches us the power of fighting back. https://t.co/wrIKGIPWI8 🔗
I’m so happy to be in Michigan, tonight! Tune in as we go live from Detroit, a city full of fighters, dreamers, and persisters. https://t.co/gFKqA9eiqr 🔗
There are only a few more hours before polls begin to close in #SuperTuesday states across the country. If you’ve been on the sidelines, now’s the time to get in this fight and chip in a few bucks. https://t.co/6gAc34VM43 🔗
Hope over fear. Courage over cynicism. Let’s do this together. Vote: https://t.co/5tQ5A1gVhA https://t.co/rRBLAfugdo 🔗
Thank you @NWPCNational, I’m grateful for your endorsement! https://t.co/Z97VL4PS1T 🔗
We are facing a homelessness crisis—but it is not inevitable. That's why I've got a plan that will lower rents and invest real federal resources to help build or rehab more than 3 million homes across the country. Everyone deserves a safe, decent, affordable place to live. https://t.co/ws7UazBnB4 🔗
Thank you, @sandylocks. Your pioneering of the intersectional framework and your powerful voice have driven groundbreaking work. I'm deeply humbled by your vote today, and I will proudly fight with you for racial, gender, and economic justice. https://t.co/nUVpnyilOH 🔗
I voted today with hope in my heart. I believe in this grassroots movement. I believe in the America we can build together. Let's dream big, fight hard, and get out to vote! https://t.co/5tQ5A0Zkq2 https://t.co/JVDG8t7N4r 🔗
I’m so grateful to have Congressman Mike Honda’s endorsement. Together, we’ll build a country and an economy that works for everyone. https://t.co/DBOsNtiBvJ 🔗
Thank you, @RWPUSA. Together, we can root out the corruption in Washington—and I’ve got the biggest anti-corruption plan since Watergate to get it done. https://t.co/xaTaTLb2FY 🔗
I'm fighting to build an America where Cynthia and her neighbors all have the opportunity to thrive. I'm grateful for her support—and I'm grateful for everyone knocking doors and making phone calls today. https://t.co/PAGS4p5933 https://t.co/MhBZMteHtB 🔗
The Federal Reserve alone can't solve the economic and public health problems that coronavirus poses. I'm calling on Congress to act now to ensure everyone gets care for free, pass an emergency paid leave program, and enact at least a $400 billion fiscal stimulus package. https://t.co/tIwt45ZLko 🔗
Bruce, Bailey and I walked to the polls this morning to vote! If your state votes today, get out and make your voice heard. Find your polling location and go vote! https://t.co/5tQ5A0Zkq2 https://t.co/DpPoB99C37 🔗
The crises we face are real, and I know people are afraid. But 2020 is our chance to choose a president. I’m ready to get to work for working Americans. If you want progressive ideas and progressive results, pitch in $2 to my campaign now. #SuperTuesday https://t.co/vV0AbvffuN 🔗
Thank you, @MsLaToshaBrown! You have done incredible work with @BlackVotersMtr. I'm deeply grateful for your endorsement, and proud to be your partner in this fight. https://t.co/72xyK4JTWf 🔗
This is our moment. Make your voice heard. Vote today. https://t.co/5tQ5A0Zkq2 https://t.co/lBDENmCjpB 🔗
After the economy crashed in 2008, I was called to Washington to help lead us out of the crisis. I know what's still broken in our economy today—and I know how to fix it. Watch our new ad. https://t.co/wBzzMqGRQW 🔗
Make your voice heard. If you live in Alabama, American Samoa, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, or Virginia, get out and vote today! #SuperTuesday https://t.co/5tQ5A0Zkq2 🔗
Thank you, @JanelleMonae. Let’s do this. https://t.co/q7KXv0K9k6 🔗
I want to tell a story not just as a teacher or as a candidate for president. I want to tell the story as the daughter of a janitor. This is how janitors—mostly women, mostly immigrants from Mexico and Central America—fought for justice and won. https://t.co/o2KaKOXT4b 🔗
I'm heartsick for the victims and their families. Stay strong, Nashville. You're in our hearts today. https://t.co/i9K0IDgHh6 🔗
Imagine a government where corruption doesn’t block real change. Imagine an economy where everyone has a chance to thrive—a nation that lives up to its values every day. It’s not just a dream, it can be our America. Let's fight for it together. https://t.co/5tQ5A0Zkq2 🔗
Today is #SuperTuesday and millions of Americans are heading to vote right now. I’m grateful for every person who gets in this fight. Will you donate $2 to our campaign before noon? This is our moment in history. https://t.co/8fNs4AaAm0 🔗
“Big, structural change” isn’t just a slogan. It’s what I’ve fought for my whole career. It’s a value that will be the driving force of my presidency. It’s a mission—with plans to back it up. Join us. Vote today. Let’s do it together. https://t.co/KranyElSw9 🔗
In less than 8 hours, voters in 14 states will shape the future of our fight. Help build our movement for the long haul. Will you chip in $2 or more before polls open? #SuperTuesday https://t.co/xvhs6TTEdO 🔗
I'll be on @JimmyKimmelLive soon to talk about our fight for big, structural change—join us! 🔗
Join us in East Los Angeles as we honor immigrant- and Latina-led labor movements—and talk about our shared fight for big, structural change. #JuntosConWarren https://t.co/jOWHVIhUM0 🔗
.@JohnLegend and I sat down for a conversation about why we're in this fight for justice, equality, and big, structural change. https://t.co/1jre1fVVPz 🔗
I’m honored to receive the endorsement of so many Muslim leaders, activists, and scholars. This is our moment to dream big and fight hard for a better country and a better world—for our children and our grandchildren. Let’s do this! https://t.co/tP9QKPug00 https://t.co/MGR1m0wGxM 🔗
A third of delegates are up for grabs tomorrow—and I’m ready to fight for them. Will you chip in $2 or whatever you can right now? This is your last chance to pitch in before #SuperTuesday. https://t.co/1GqK6aBXyG 🔗
I’m committed to being a real partner to Latino communities—during this campaign, and as president of the United States. https://t.co/RUuUbwywhw 🔗
I’m deeply grateful for feedback from powerful voices like @VilissaThompson, who makes our plans stronger. Together, we can create real, structural change. https://t.co/c72nITEqoX 🔗
You shouldn't have to be a billionaire with a concierge service to get tested, treated, and vaccinated for coronavirus. My plan will let every American get the coronavirus protections they need for free. https://t.co/JPsaw6Gvnq 🔗
Farmworkers like Guera do the hard, necessary work that feeds us all. It should be a path to opportunity and dignity for them and for their families. I am committed to being a partner for farmworkers in the White House. https://t.co/eUn8u2IL8v 🔗
We win when we call out what is broken, when we show people how we’re going to fix it, and when we build a grassroots movement to get it done. That’s what our campaign is about—and we can only do this together. If your state votes tomorrow, join us: https://t.co/KranyElSw9 🔗
We need someone whose core values can be trusted, who has a plan for how to govern, and who can get things done. I will be that president. Thank you @LinaHidalgoTX and @RWeingarten for joining me in Houston! https://t.co/rdoAUoNZ2n 🔗
I never thought I would run for office. But when I was thinking about running against an incumbent Republican in the Senate, @Schriock1 and I sat down over a lot of iced tea and she walked me through the process. I'm thrilled to have her and @EMILYsList with us in this fight! https://t.co/otvGrYukKe 🔗
I am deeply grateful for @EMILYsList's endorsement. Together, we will fight to protect our reproductive rights and elect Democratic women up and down the ballot—because that's what girls do. https://t.co/OpgBPff3vR 🔗
Congratulations, Kenneth and Tarja! Bruce and I are sending you our love. https://t.co/AYmePyGR0q 🔗
I believe in the power of our movement. Pitch in a few bucks and own a piece of our campaign. I’m fighting my heart out to make our economy work for working families—and I can’t do it alone. https://t.co/mjk08pOxRb 🔗
Donald Trump’s extreme, right-wing judges are already rolling back women’s rights. And, without reform—inside and outside of the courts—any Democratic president’s agenda will be at risk, too. I've got plans to protect our rights for the long haul. https://t.co/wOE2tMWdQO 🔗
I'm deeply grateful for @NationalNOWPAC's endorsement. Together, we'll fight to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, protect our rights across the country, and build a country where women and girls have every opportunity to thrive. https://t.co/SMdvNbbumo 🔗
Thank you @CHIRLA for your powerful work advocating for immigrant rights, and for sharing your stories with me. Together, we can build an America where every person has value—an America that’s about creating opportunity for everyone. https://t.co/Q8LEN2IXZB 🔗
Thank you to my friend, @AmyKlobuchar. You've been a champion for working families and women in politics, and I look forward to keeping up that fight by your side. 🔗
I hope you’ll join us this evening in East Los Angeles! https://t.co/tHNWpZbeqp https://t.co/YrRk6YVznB 🔗
Coronavirus may cause U.S. drug shortages due to supply chain disruptions in China, where we get most of our ingredients. My plan for the virus' economic impact builds domestic manufacturing for pharmaceutical ingredients to reduce future shortages. https://t.co/MT8zckV84q 🔗
My new plan for coronavirus response: 1. Ensure every American can get all recommended care for coronavirus for free. 2. Create an emergency paid leave program so people can recover or provide care. 3. Enact at least a $400 billion fiscal stimulus package. https://t.co/MT8zckV84q 🔗
I've been worried that our economy is heading towards another crash—and coronavirus is already a serious economic threat. I've got a plan to address the economic impact, and I'm calling on Congress to act immediately. https://t.co/MT8zckV84q 🔗
My path has been bumpy. I never thought I'd run for any public office, let alone president of the United States. But I got to live my dream, and I got into this fight to make sure everyone else had that same opportunity. https://t.co/vONnRJEDNo 🔗
Agricultural labor has long been intentionally excluded from basic labor laws, like the right to unionize and overtime pay. This was justified with explicitly racist reasons. It's time to strengthen the rights of farmworkers and food chain workers. https://t.co/J3EqbD6OLd 🔗
Farmworkers, food chain workers, and their families continue to face entrenched poverty, a lack of opportunity, and an unjust immigration system. It‘s time to treat the people who help feed us with dignity and respect—and I have a plan for that. https://t.co/J3EqbD6OLd 🔗
.@JulianCastro and I are fighting together to build a country where every family has the opportunity to thrive. Thank you for being a part of this fight, San Antonio! https://t.co/caBltytll0 🔗
#SuperTuesday is in two days—and a third of delegates will be up for grabs. Can I count on you to chip in $2 to our grassroots campaign tonight? We can only do this together: https://t.co/LfUGdeUR2j https://t.co/89W3hZhG8p 🔗
Today, we honored the courage and determination of the civil rights leaders who marched across Edmund Pettus Bridge on #BloodySunday. It was an honor to witness Rep. John Lewis challenge us to keep fighting for justice. https://t.co/zmT85oXDfn 🔗
The coronavirus crisis demands more than a billionaire mayor who believes that since he’s rich enough to buy network airtime to pretend he’s the president, that entitles him to be president. I've got a real plan to deal with the coronavirus. https://t.co/xZ1XQEceiX https://t.co/WI0T9diOyq 🔗
I don't have just one plan for the climate crisis—I've got plans for the #GreenNewDeal, a #BlueNewDeal, a clean energy economy, environmental justice, creating 10 million good jobs, and rooting out corruption in our government. Dr. @AyanaEliza and @RGunns break it down. https://t.co/EH9iJ9DZIF 🔗
We’ve got one shot in November to elect a president who will get things done for working families. I’m ready—and I’m fighting for you as hard as I fight for my own family. Chip in a few bucks to join our movement, and let’s get to work together. https://t.co/E1pHtJxGad 🔗
Thank you, @PeteButtigieg. I know you'll continue giving back and serving our country for many years to come. 🔗
We’re in this fight together. You have the chance to make an impact on our grassroots movement—let’s make it happen! Sign up now to make calls to voters in #SuperTuesday states. https://t.co/G0W7odjTjh 🔗
The time to choose is upon us. The crises we face are real. 2020 is our chance to choose a president—and I’m ready to get to work. If you think we need both progressive ideas and progressive results, join us: https://t.co/e7g4wTjiPj https://t.co/IsdkLcfdpP 🔗
We're facing both a public health crisis and a potential economic crisis. We urgently need top experts at the table in public health and medicine—many of whom are women. This isn't it. https://t.co/avbktWwKt4 🔗
I want to invest in young people. That's how we build a real future. Thanks @CecileRichards for taking a moment to talk about the issues that women voters are facing in 2020! https://t.co/VjTxpHT6mH 🔗
Muslims are one of the most diverse communities in our country, and have always been a vital part of the American story. I will partner with them to tackle generations of racial injustice and discrimination to build a government that works for everyone. https://t.co/El3ERT07p4 🔗
Progressive ideas are popular ideas. @JulianCastro and I aren't afraid to fight for them. https://t.co/rOVavCrtUQ 🔗
Donald Trump's border wall is a monument to hate—and his latest attempt to treat the southern border as a war zone rather than as a vibrant community. It's time to stop Donald Trump's militarization of the border. https://t.co/dVUiBYGMvs https://t.co/K0C14aCcB7 🔗
Wow—that’s pretty impressive! https://t.co/OqVtZXaR8C 🔗
Mike Pence paid more attention to politics than science and gravely worsened a health crisis in Indiana. I can't think of a worse person to put in charge of dealing with coronavirus. https://t.co/8SH9q9DYh4 🔗
Today is Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day in the Marshall Islands, honoring the victims of U.S. nuclear testing there. The U.S. must continue to ensure survivors receive the support and health care they need. We must also work to end nuclear testing once and for all. 🔗
Climate change is an existential threat—but Wall Street is refusing to listen, let alone take real action. I've got a new plan to rein in Wall Street and make them pay the true cost of climate change instead of passing it on to millions of Americans. https://t.co/qvzq8RcfVQ 🔗
Thank you to our grassroots donors for a record-breaking February: more than $29 million raised! You’re helping build this campaign for the long haul. Take a look at what your support is building. https://t.co/JbcckLfKy1 🔗
This is a time for honest leadership. This moment is a reminder of what qualities we need in a president—and what qualities are so sorely lacking in the one we have. Ultimately, that’s what this election is about: Who do you trust to actually run this country? https://t.co/AbFSgbdEgQ 🔗
We’re not going to beat Donald Trump by backing down. We’ll beat him by fighting back. Will you chip in whatever you can right now to help hit our $29 million goal before the FEC deadline at midnight tonight? https://t.co/KVOt7DCtzk 🔗
We are picking a president. We need someone whose core values can be trusted, who has a plan for how to govern, and who can actually get things done. I will be that president. https://t.co/2cGAOrFnTd 🔗
Thank you, @TomSteyer. You've been a powerful voice for climate advocacy and holding Donald Trump accountable. I look forward to fighting alongside you to defeat the climate crisis—and Donald Trump. 🔗
Our live event in Houston is about to start—join us! https://t.co/uoawdVPpaY 🔗
Our February fundraising numbers could be the last thing voters see before they vote on #SuperTuesday. Will you chip in right now to help reach our goal of $29 million before midnight? https://t.co/nPgmOCeCOX 🔗
After the 2016 election, @LinaHidalgoTX ran for office to fight for her community. I'm proud to be her partner in this fight for big structural change. https://t.co/GYLYdKROLs 🔗
Thank you, @RWeingarten. I'm proud to be your partner in this fight for teachers, students, high-quality public education, and to protect and empower the voices of unions. https://t.co/uQPe4ycUts 🔗
Tonight, I’ll take the stage in Houston to speak about the threats we face today. With a public health and economic crisis looming, we need a president whose core values can be trusted, who has a plan for how to govern, and who can actually get it done. I will be that president. 🔗
Progressives have one chance to make transformative change. We need a leader who knows how to get in the fight and make change happen—and I have a proven track record of doing just that. https://t.co/8V9LaVN2bp 🔗
I will continue listening to and learning from impacted communities because they make the plans we propose stronger. I'm committed to being their partner in the White House. https://t.co/Y6pDSbJRYg 🔗
Thank you so much, @JaclynCorin. I’m so grateful to have you on #TeamWarren! https://t.co/gKQleE4clD 🔗
It was a joy to join @AnikaNoniRose in Greenville to help get out the vote! South Carolina, you still have time to vote: https://t.co/5tQ5A0Zkq2 https://t.co/SfcCG2mBya 🔗
.@JohnLegend and I agree: It's not enough to beat Donald Trump. We have to change the system that brought him into power in the first place. Together, we're fighting for the big, structural change we need. https://t.co/Bw4sXsdSH1 🔗
Paid sick leave shouldn't be a luxury. It's better for our workforce, our businesses, and for public health. It's time to build an economy that works for everyone. https://t.co/uEXzuRtYai 🔗
It’s not news to millions of people living in rural America—especially in Black communities in the South—that this economy is leaving them behind. I've got a plan to invest in rural communities and level the playing field for entrepreneurs of color. https://t.co/qtnBlC8rx5 🔗
I'm deeply grateful for @AliciaGarza and @BlackToTheFutu1's endorsement—and proud to fight beside them to put power in the hands of the people. https://t.co/98Kreo0FDt 🔗
I've persisted against the odds my entire life. We face big challenges in 2020, but I'm not afraid to fight. https://t.co/sMdWlr1RgF 🔗
Proud to be fighting alongside you for South Carolina's schools! https://t.co/pUCHkbNP9R 🔗
Our February fundraising numbers could be the last thing voters see before they head to the polls on #SuperTuesday. Will you chip in $2 right now to help reach our new goal of $29 million before the FEC deadline tonight at midnight? https://t.co/E3wtY7lHqr 🔗
After Faith pitched in a few bucks to our campaign, I gave her a call to say thanks. She told me that her daughter just won a debate in her class! Winning debates and running for president—that’s what girls do. Donate too, and I could call you next: https://t.co/srOk2jhHgh https://t.co/4fgxSUh8u9 🔗
Get out and vote, South Carolina! https://t.co/lzdGXfNgB6 🔗
The future of our democracy is at stake. @JohnLegend and I are ready to fight—join us. https://t.co/VmVBCtFLd4 🔗
Billionaires don’t have to worry about FEC fundraising goals. But we do. Will you chip in $2 right now to help reach our goal before the FEC deadline at midnight tonight? https://t.co/RGl5klkrXF 🔗
I know how to get government working for people again because I've done it before, when I launched the CFPB. If you want a president who knows how to respond to a crisis—whether it's a financial crash or the coronavirus—I've got the experience and the drive to do the job. https://t.co/3fMmwSMkLT 🔗
The most important FEC deadline of our campaign is tomorrow at midnight. We need our fundraising numbers to be as strong as possible. But right now, we’re behind where we want to be to hit our goal. Will you chip in $2 to help power our campaign? https://t.co/uVcAp341Al 🔗
We spend billions on an immigration system that breaks up families and keeps thousands locked up—with little evidence that it makes us any safer. We need to live our values. I am committed to a fair and welcoming immigration system that reduces immigration detention by 75%. 🔗
Under my #WealthTax, Jeff Bezos would pay approximately $7.3 billion, which would be just about three and a half pounds of this 58 pound mountain of rice. https://t.co/vCVpxNUDKU 🔗
Our most important FEC fundraising deadline is tomorrow. Will you chip in now to our grassroots campaign? I wouldn’t ask if it wasn't important. This is our last chance to show the power of this movement before #SuperTuesday. https://t.co/YmMHTa8dhf 🔗
Thank you, @JenSiebelNewsom! You've broken the mold and reshaped the First Partner’s office to advocate for equal pay and women's representation. Your work empowers women and girls in California and across the country. Proud to be in this fight by your side! https://t.co/OIwL9PGBJw 🔗
As a former teacher, I know how important well-maintained classrooms are for our children. That’s why I support the Proposition 13 School Safety Bond, which will invest directly into California classrooms to ensure students are learning in safe, healthy, and secure facilities. 🔗
Stripping citizens of their citizenship sets a dangerous precedent and opens the door to abuse. As president, I will stand up for all Americans, regardless of where they were born, and I will fight to protect our immigrant communities. https://t.co/RAFk4kodti 🔗
I'm proud to partner with @MsPeoples and @BlackWomxnFor in this fight for big, structural change, and I know they will continue to hold me accountable. https://t.co/O0eLw0tuyn 🔗
The next president will need to rebuild our government. I've got plans to invest in our federal workforce, root out the corruption of the Trump administration, and ensure key positions are filled. And I'll fight to ensure our federal workforce looks like the rest of America. https://t.co/5bgOF3t6B2 🔗
Join us in East Los Angeles on Monday, March 2 at 5:30 PM PT, as we talk about the power and values of Latinas and Chicanas in American history and how we can learn from them as we continue fighting for big, structural change. https://t.co/snmsywfyza 🔗
I've been raising the alarm for years. Our economy is working better and better for a thinner slice at the top, while working families are being squeezed to the breaking point. We need big, structural change to build an economy that works for everyone. https://t.co/9MY2Q6rtzf 🔗
Our FEC deadline is tomorrow, so tonight I’m making some calls to grassroots donors to say thank you! Chip in $2 or whatever you can now, and I could call you to say thanks. I believe in the power of our grassroots movement. We can only do this together. https://t.co/4nhXmJNKQ0 🔗
This is excellent news. Donald Trump's cruel "Remain in Mexico" policy put asylum seekers in danger. As president, I will reverse the Trump administration's cruel immigration policies and ensure that asylum seekers are welcomed at our borders. https://t.co/K0M9eWIQjd 🔗
Thank you, Molly! Person by person, conversation by conversation—we’re growing our grassroots movement together. https://t.co/cYxlo9dYl5 🔗
Thank you, @MrAdamScott! Happy to have you on #TeamWarren! https://t.co/wRgjEujmRq 🔗
I stand with the planners, designers, and inspectors at Southern California Edison who want to join @IFPTE Local 20. It should be quick and easy to join a union, and Southern California Edison should respect the process. https://t.co/SsrJu5Ybl1 🔗
My message at the #DemDebate: Progressives have one shot in 2020, and we need to elect a leader who will get things done. I know how to fight, I know how to build a coalition—and I know how to win. https://t.co/pKR15Dmtbb 🔗
Thank you @UWDAction! I'm deeply grateful for your endorsement. I promise to continue listening to and learning from your members and immigrant communities as we fight to build an America where immigrants are safe, welcome, and have every opportunity to thrive. https://t.co/yZefCn1FAV 🔗
We're looking at a serious economic downturn because of coronavirus—and the Trump administration is bungling every aspect of this crisis. I have a plan to combat this outbreak and make sure our economy works for everyone. That's the leadership we need. https://t.co/gN81qSxVwj 🔗
We only have 1 more day to show the strength of our grassroots movement before the FEC deadline on February 29. Will you chip in $2 or whatever you can? I wouldn’t ask if it wasn't important. https://t.co/F1MLYxZk2b 🔗
Mike Bloomberg admitted to spying on Muslim communities. Instead of apologizing, he said it was the “natural place to go.” This moment in history calls on us to confront anti-Muslim policies and ensure they never happen again—not elect someone who defends bigoted practices. https://t.co/r8WzruH7OG 🔗
I couldn’t be more grateful to have @JohnLegend by my side in the fight to save our democracy and build a country that works for everyone. https://t.co/Vqj6ASyrQ6 🔗
So let's imagine @StephenAtHome is a billionaire, and that plate of ribs represents all of his money. It would just take a teeny tiny corner to pay for universal child care—and more! https://t.co/Df9VY17Gpm 🔗
Border communities reflect the best of what America can be. They deserve a champion and a partner fighting for them in Washington. That’s why I’m proud to support @JCisnerosTX. https://t.co/4q1TSu77Zh 🔗
Thank you, @RezaAslan! I’m grateful to have you on #TeamWarren, and I’m proud to fight alongside you to defend our democracy. https://t.co/zVzqSsgGgv 🔗
The Trump administration's careless incompetence has put lives at risk. Punishing whistleblowers shows how unwilling they are to take responsibility. It's time for a competent leader in the White House to manage this crisis. https://t.co/t1F8tDCird 🔗
The February FEC deadline is in 2 days. It’s the last deadline before #SuperTuesday—and our most important deadline yet. Will you donate $2 right now to our campaign? It’s all hands on deck during this critical time. https://t.co/yQCwCuUdEm 🔗
We are facing a global pandemic and a potential economic crash, and this is how Donald Trump is spending his time. We need an adult in the White House. https://t.co/riO2DtQQ6c 🔗
Selfie lines are fun, but they're also where I hear the most devastating stories. The girl who I just did pinkie promises with, who has brain cancer. The families crushed by student loan debt who see no future. These are the stories I carry with me—and they fuel my fight. https://t.co/IWkKmOw7cv 🔗
Bernie and I both wanted to rein in Wall Street after the 2008 financial crash. I was the one who dug in, fought back, and created the agency that forced the banks to return more than $12 billion to people they cheated. #CNNTownHall https://t.co/tWmpLCOKah 🔗
.@StephenAtHome and I played a game of "Guess the Billionaire" on @ColbertLateShow—I think I did pretty well! https://t.co/E9pcXgGNbe 🔗
I'm so grateful to this group of youth activists for standing with us in the fight for big structural change. Let's go! https://t.co/BNcKhBS7Q0 🔗
Thank you, @DenisHayes! I'll fight shoulder-to-shoulder with you to defeat the climate crisis, and I'll work every day to make you proud of your vote. https://t.co/CGovyiLud2 🔗
A few steps to one side of the border shouldn't mean you forfeit basic rights. As president, I’ll work to reverse this decision legislatively to ensure accountability for victims of border patrol violence—regardless of what side of the border you’re on. https://t.co/s2VFvJ03u9 🔗
We need to get our priorities straight and focus on keeping the American people safe—not funding a monument to hate. I've introduced a bill to divert every dime Donald Trump is spending on his racist wall to fighting the coronavirus. https://t.co/SoilIdPetb 🔗
Border communities reflect the best of America, but too often politicians in Washington degrade and divide them for political gain. I've got a plan to stop Donald Trump's militarization of the border and fight for safe, prosperous border communities. https://t.co/SoilIdPetb 🔗
Farmers like Germaine Jenkins are supporting their communities—and we need to ensure that they have the opportunity to succeed. I'm fighting for a new farm economy that meaningfully includes farmers of color and environmental justice so that small farmers like her can thrive. https://t.co/1AU5IC8QXi 🔗
How do we get more women into presidential politics? Elect one for president. I'm ready. #CNNTownHall https://t.co/zrpOZYlIOf 🔗
I know it's possible to work with Republicans to deliver help to the American people—because I've done it. #CNNTownHall https://t.co/RCZGCWyQi5 🔗
The president has significant powers to grant clemency and pardons, and historically presidents have used that power broadly. But today’s hierarchical process at DOJ results in relatively few and conservative clemency recommendations. 🔗
My heart aches for Kaia. This is absolutely unacceptable. No student should have to learn in an environment where there is a threat of incarceration. We need to reduce police presence in schools and invest in the resources and support our students need. https://t.co/DeEsS4pX1Q 🔗
The Trump administration is bungling the response to coronavirus, putting our public health and our economy at risk. We need a real plan to respond to outbreaks—and an adult in charge. https://t.co/7RCl5dlQMX 🔗
We need a Justice Department and a president that treats white supremacy as the domestic terrorism threat it is. And we need a president who will fight to end the gun violence epidemic. #CNNTownHall https://t.co/tWNnx5jQHB 🔗
I want to see an FDA that is based on science. #CNNTownHall https://t.co/nabfkJStod 🔗
I’m grateful to everyone who watched my #CNNTownHall tonight. Together, we can make our government actually work for the people. I’m in this fight all the way. Chip in $2 now if you are, too. https://t.co/uFjSDfF7cL 🔗
Climate justice is right at the heart of my plan to fight the climate crisis. #CNNTownHall https://t.co/b61LNsPvfT 🔗
We need to build an economy from the grassroots up. If we cancel student loan debt, we can grow our economy and make sure it works for everyone. #CNNTownHall https://t.co/hDHP6LwhDN 🔗
Last week, we raised $9 million in three days. Will you chip in $2 right now? I believe in the power of our grassroots movement. #CNNTownHall https://t.co/l95gh42YCy 🔗
After the 2008 financial crash, Bernie and I both wanted to rein in Wall Street. I was the one who dug in, fought back, and created the agency that forced the banks to return more than $12 billion to people they cheated. #CNNTownHall 🔗
I know that we will one day elect a woman to the White House. https://t.co/logAh3YEFC 🔗
Our work continues, the fight goes on, and big dreams never die. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. https://t.co/28kyKe777L 🔗
The coronavirus outbreak has been declared a national emergency and we all need to do our part to stop its spread. Follow the guidance from your state, local, and federal officials, and stay up-to-date with the latest information from @CDCgov here. https://t.co/yMU1p1XXzd 🔗
We can help people stay home if they're sick and support our economy by: -Creating an emergency paid leave program -Increasing Social Security checks by $200 per month -Expanding unemployment benefits -Canceling student loan debt https://t.co/Sy9NuUUVHe 🔗
We need to show that we have a government that understands the scale of coronavirus’s threat to the economy and public health. The way to tackle both is to get money into the hands of the people so they can stay home if sick, but still support this economy from the ground up. https://t.co/HZYRbZC5Op 🔗
We can all help slow the spread of coronavirus by taking simple steps. It is important to listen to the public health experts. Follow @CDCgov for updates on how to protect yourself and others. https://t.co/5r9xSnsYQT 🔗
The lack of widespread coronavirus testing in the United States is a disgrace. If we hope to control this outbreak, the administration must immediately allocate funds to state and local health systems and rapidly stand up testing capacity nationwide. https://t.co/Sy9NuUUVHe 🔗
I am deeply concerned about the threat that coronavirus poses. Trump’s stumbling response is putting American lives and the economy at greater risk. I offered a plan ten days ago, and today I updated it based on the latest data and expert recommendations. https://t.co/Pxkuz5JRSw 🔗
Back in July, I warned an economic crash could be coming. One serious shock would be enough—and the Trump administration's incompetent response to the coronavirus is already weakening our economy. https://t.co/l2NDsG6aQE 🔗
Our economy was already showing cracks before the coronavirus. But an incompetent administration leading the response, engaged in magical thinking, is only making this crisis worse. https://t.co/n6H0zJ6BGa 🔗
Choose to fight only righteous fights, because then when things get tough—and they will—you will know that there is only one option ahead of you: Nevertheless, you must persist. https://t.co/GA4vl9tuRl 🔗
Any taxpayer assistance that goes to giant corporations must come with real strings attached to ensure the money is truly going to support the workforce through this crisis. https://t.co/LXwFboCjfA 🔗
It's not enough to just waive student loan debt payments during this crisis. If we want to stimulate the economy and minimize the burden of a financial crisis, canceling student loan debt must be part of the next coronavirus stimulus package. https://t.co/nkBgU6a4Ld 🔗
Health care providers are on the front lines of this crisis and we’re so grateful for their selfless work. I’m working to get federal resources toward making sure they get the protective gear and supplies they need. https://t.co/s8ywcId0ZA 🔗
The decisions our government will make in the next few days will be crucial. I’m joining @AdyBarkan, @WorkingFamilies, @BeAHeroTeam, @NNUBonnie, and my colleague @PramilaJayapal for a special organizing town hall tonight at 9 pm ET. Join us: https://t.co/U6TFyPmYUf 🔗
The number of coronavirus cases is growing, and we need more resources to care for new patients. Today I'm requesting that Donald Trump deploy the Army Corps of Engineers to retrofit existing facilities to care for patients with coronavirus. https://t.co/GNKu9qOVUV 🔗
Congrats to @Marie4Congress on winning her primary election in #IL03! This isn’t a moment to back down—it’s the time to fight back. And Illinois families are getting the unwavering champion they deserve. 🔗
Airline executives spent billions on stock buybacks and are now asking taxpayers for billions. We need to help airline workers, but that money should come with serious long-term change to the companies—no more buybacks, a $15 minimum wage, and more. https://t.co/CkXjGVXzRS 🔗
We need a stimulus package that supports our economy from the grassroots up and permanently improves the lives of families. We can put money directly in their hands by increasing Social Security payments and by canceling student loan debt. https://t.co/HHOZZsG5zt 🔗
The most pressing issue is ensuring that everyone who needs a test for coronavirus can get one—for free. But just a half step behind the health crisis is the financial crisis. We need a stimulus package big enough to meet the moment. https://t.co/7GTn5De0yV 🔗
I'll be on @AllInWithChris soon to talk about why we need a stimulus package that directly helps working families. If we want to weather this crisis, we need to support our economy from the grassroots up. 🔗
To every nurse, doctor, and health care professional, to every grocery worker keeping the shelves stocked, to every first responder, every domestic worker, and everyone who is on the front lines of this crisis, we are so grateful for everything you're doing. 🔗
There is something fundamentally wrong when a Wall Street CEO can get a 19% raise while millions of Americans are struggling to figure out their next paycheck. https://t.co/F83nNMW4P7 🔗
We need to rapidly ramp up our ability to test for coronavirus. That means we need to keep up the pressure to ensure we have enough testing kits, testing locations, and resources in our communities. Keep calling your representatives. Keep the pressure up. 🔗
Gig workers are doing essential work during this crisis. They need and deserve essential benefits like paid sick leave. Good on New York City for considering legislation to mandate paid sick leave for gig workers. https://t.co/BEZjNBHq6g 🔗
Gaping holes in @Amazon, @Walmart, and @McDonalds's paid sick leave policies will put workers, their colleagues, and their communities at greater risk. I urge them to provide all of their workers with adequate paid sick leave to help protect lives. https://t.co/yFL0a3hoRc 🔗
We need all hands on deck to support our neighbors and communities through this crisis. Here are just a few charities and organizations whose work you can support right now if you're able: 🔗
Profit margins don't come before people’s lives. https://t.co/Oj7DScztQu 🔗
This is not the time for Congress to go on recess. Our work isn't done. We need to force Trump to use the Defense Production Act to ramp up the development of tests and necessary equipment for health care professionals. And we need to do more to help struggling families. 🔗
We're so grateful for the doctors, nurses, and health care professionals who are doing the dangerous, necessary work of caring for people with coronavirus. I'll keep fighting to make sure they have the equipment and resources they need. https://t.co/7vi6UuxLqY 🔗
We have more work to do here to fight this pandemic and help workers and families weather this crisis. This isn't the time to take a recess. 🔗
This bill provides immediate, necessary aid⁠—but it's insufficient. Tomorrow, we keep fighting for more aid for families, hospitals, and small businesses. And I'll do everything I can to hold the Trump administration accountable for how it spends this $450 billion taxpayer fund. 🔗
Staying at home helps slow the spread of coronavirus and protects medically vulnerable people like Xiomara. If we reopen too early, we are all at risk. We can support our economy and help people stay at home to protect everyone from coronavirus. https://t.co/T0t0S05u0s 🔗
.@AMarch4OurLives built a powerful movement from tragedy. The organizing work continues, even while we stay at home. I'm proud to support their next wave of digital organizing! #OurPower https://t.co/Izku3iU4uz 🔗
Our obligation, our moral imperative, is to save lives. If people are forced out of their homes too early and thousands or millions more people die because hospitals and health care providers are overwhelmed, there won't be an economy left to save. 🔗
Any stimulus must support workers’ payroll and benefits—not enrich wealthy executives of giant corporations. If we want to weather this crisis, we need to build the economy from the grassroots up. https://t.co/Ob6JkRUIcU 🔗
Bruce and I are sending you and John all of our love, @AmyKlobuchar. https://t.co/l4nLD8ztvF 🔗