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Epic rock banjo solo by Tony Trischka, my banjo guru β€” I traveled across the country to take lessons from him for a couple months when I was in college https://t.co/zdcrT5UrPw 🔗
Need a beat detection algorithm in Python? I recommend the madmom library. Its `DBNBeatTrackingProcessor` is awesome! https://t.co/Xz4jDO58YN It works well even with challenging songs like these. (Acoustic, no drums, tempo changes). https://t.co/9lqan9D7vS 🔗
How can AI augment artists? 🎨🎡 Creators & computers often collaborate in these roles: πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ Curator role, πŸ€– gives options πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ Director role, πŸ€– gives details It's fascinating! But I'm more excited to explore: πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ Learner role, πŸ€– gives process & feedback to help you practice 🔗
Freshman year of college, I mailed a blank VHS tape and self-addressed stamped envelope to a stranger from the internet. A few weeks later, I got what I was looking for: A bootleg copy of the 1988 PBS special by newgrass supergroup "Strength In Numbers", with @belafleckbanjo. 🔗
This year, I’m going to learn some solos I’ve wanted to play for almost 20 years: β€’ Bela Fleck, Big Country β€’ Pat Metheny, The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress β€’ Keith Jarrett, Shenandoah From my favorite niche genres: Newgrass, & Jazz Americana. https://t.co/9lqan9D7vS 🔗
I'm thinking about what Douglas Engelbart said about his family at the end of "The Mother of All Demos." https://t.co/YiQivAg3CM What did those sacrifices look like? How did the Engelbarts choose what tradeoffs to make and what dreams to prioritize? These decisions are hard! https://t.co/kxzNAoqlSn 🔗
Thought-provoking thread, 100 tweets on unschooling / alternative education! https://t.co/Krqn06EA7q 🔗
Someday I would love to go on a retreat like this! https://t.co/BZpFY5C2sn 🔗
Today's my one year anniversary at @LambdaSchool, teaching data science! Our students make my job awesome. One student gave me this feedback. I plan to add this testimonial to my professional bio going forward πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/v0lsluRRRO 🔗
I'm pausing my banjo/ukulele videos during August & September. I'll be back the first Monday in October! 🎡 🔗
Before @DeconstructConf 2018, I hadn't finished any creative projects, and didn't like my job. But now I have 2 conference talks, 27 banjo/uke videos, and a great job helping people learn tech! Thank you Deconstruct, you gave me my start, I'm so grateful and excited to be back! 🔗
I’m excited and proud every time one of my Lambda School data science students gets great job offers! https://t.co/BQWiWQ0EXA 🔗