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Hedging 2020 - Staying healthy - Favors banked in diverse, global social graph - Cash - Retirement, insurance portfolio - 2-3 in-country refuge places - Foothold in country #2 - Crypto; keys backed up abroad - Bug-out bag - Mad-Max toolbox - Junkyard skills - Med triage skills 🔗
🤔 🔗
I need to collect better junk 🔗
TIL about ulexite, “tv rock” natural mineral that acts like optic fiber 🔗
Astronomy break over. Back to doom scrolling. 🔗
I begin my astrophotography career with this crappy iPhone plus binoculars photo of Jupiter plus moons. Handheld phone binoculars on tripod. Don’t have an adapter yet. This was the best of like 10 shots. Well gotta start somewhere. 🔗
Question to hardware hackers. What’s the most practically life-changing hack/mod/build you’ve ever done? (Not the most complex or technically clever or difficult... leverage over real life stuff) 🔗
Ordered something from Aliexpress for the first time wish me luck 🔗
Found my astronomy binoculars’ tripod adapter so my balcony observatory capability just went up a notch (it’s too big and heavy at 70mm to use comfortably in handheld mode for long). Next stop iPhone astro photos. Sample turned out ok. Was struggling to do this without tripod. 🔗
Something I’ve been thinking about. The earliest telescopes after Galileo were often very high f numbers to mitigate chromatic aberration because they didn’t know how to make achromatic lenses and reflectors hadn’t been invented. So very long tubes for small apertures. 🔗
This is probably a very good time to become a DIY maintenance, junkyard connoisseur, scavenger-maker, jury-rigger type person. I think there’s a different kind of maker movement brewing. One grounded in junk and entropy rather than from scratch building, 3d printing etc 🔗
What’s your favorite measuring instrument or sensor? Respond with amazon links or sample of output if possible. 🔗
Bought a multimeter This seems like a significant life choice 🔗
Very good view of Mars early this morning. View should be great at opposition in October. 🔗
This is an amazingly astronomical omen filled year 1. Betelgeuse dimming 2. Neiwise (sadly didn’t get to see it) 3. Closest great conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter since 1623 🔗
I don’t think I’ve ever seen such great views of Jupiter and Saturn in my life. The bands of Jupiter are visible. The conjunction on Dec 21 should be awesome. They’ll be closer than Mizar and Alcor, and visible together in a telescope field of view 🔗
Just struck me that typing with awkward abbreviations (like ‘what r u doing’) is like a textual pidgin for older people who learned typing late in life while effective emoji use and internet abbreviations like brb ngl etc are a proper creole 🔗
Lucifer is a surprisingly fun show. The biblical back story is played for lulz and drama very well. 🔗
I keep thinking of real estate/stock/crypto appreciation as artificially contained inflation that will explode into the consumption economy at some point. It hasn’t happened so far because the wealthy haven’t found anything else worth bidding up prices on. 🔗
This is exactly backwards. Urbanization was driven by desire to escape oppressive togetherness of small town/village life. The primary draw of cities in history has been escaping your tribe. The idea that you might *find* your tribe is relatively new (1960s?) bonus possibility 🔗
The starter mansion would take a lot of starting, he reflected gloomily. 🔗
😂 🔗
Yep. 🔗
need a SPAC for civilizational cultural capital flight 🔗
Poll: Can the forces of zoom outrun the forces of doom? 🔗
The employment hit is all non-college ht @p_millerd 🔗 🔗
“See you on the other side of the Great Filter” 🔗
Particularly strong doomscrolling energy tonight 🔗
Astrophotography attempt today. Neighborhood of Altair of Aquila. With a Canon EOS 10s exposure at ISO 800 (contrast adjusted and resized). No telescope/binoculars Naked eye I can only see the main star Altair due to light pollution (in dark places you can see most of these). 🔗
Damn photography is hard 🔗
We’re up to V. Just 4 more episodes in S1 🔗
Barbell economy: mansionomics and robust public sector, nothing inbetween. Well, maybe robots can be inbetween. 🔗
😂 🔗
Good take from @ByrneHobart on newsletter economics. I’m still trying to figure ot my mental model of bundling and this moves the state of understanding along a bit. It’s going to take a while for this industry structure to emerge. 🔗
🤔 🔗
Absence of evidence is evidence of culture war 🔗
Poll: Which of the Big 4 companies will turn out to be longest lived in a firm recognizably and meaningfully descended from present form? 🔗
wonder how much longer twitter will last 🔗
New horseshoe: perfect gullibility is very close to perfect skepticism 🔗
Interesting discussion on Apple App Store stuff. I think I’ve never made a proper in-app purchase ever, mainly because Apple’s huge cut makes me think it’s the digital equivalent of a tourist trap. Wonder how much apple has artificially limited the market this way. 🔗
Pain can make people dangerously self-certain. It’s some sort of PTSD destroying the capacity for doubt. Thinking I should make up a theory of doubt as the real sixth sense. 🔗
True democratization always looks like you’re simultaneously dragging down and elevating the _same_ thing, something that touches all but isn’t people. It looks paradoxical. When you’re dragging down one thing and elevating a different thing, it’s clientelism. 🔗
I’ve been increasingly wondering and worried about internet access issues generally. Are there protocols for working with patchy, unreliable service? And any global mitigations besides Starlink? 🔗
Anyone else having @Ask_Spectrum internet issues in Hollywood? 😕 🔗
There’s a 2x2 renaissance underway 🔗
This conjecture by Semon was intriguing enough I had to test it immediately. Checks out. Anyone want to attempt a formal proof that dot(x1,x2) --> 0 as dim(X) --> inf? 🔗
What happens if you eat this? Can the virus be transmitted this way? 🔗
Life is hobbies turning into jobs and then you have to sneak away from those jobs with new hobbies. Ten years ago I’d have had fun sneaking off from my Real Job™ to write this up as a cyclic theory but now writing is my job so I want to ignore this insight and sneak off. 🔗
Mine is pretty good too. 🤔😆🙂😀😂🤣😄🧐😎🤬🤯😖😶😐🤓🙄 🔗
I now officially have more retirement projects than career projects 🔗
Woohoo saw my first very good Perseid. 2 seconds. Just south of square of Pegasus 🔗
Problems created on maps can only be solved on territories Problems created on territories can only be solved by conflict or relationship building 🔗
Oh well back to astrophotography. Perseids meteor shower peak tonight. Am facing the wrong way (south) for the best show, and late moonrise will ruin things a bit, but set up to take a bunch of long exposures. Will be sitting out for at least an hour later tonight. 🔗
Feels like other countries should send election observers to the US at this point. Virtually if not physically. 🔗
I can’t believe there’s no countermove to the USPS electoral sabotage 🤔 🔗
Is there a trick to popping laser cut parts out of these wooden sheets? Trying to assemble this model pendulum clock and it seems very delicate and I’m afraid I’ll break these parts if I apply popping pressure in the wrong way or place 🔗
Good one by @kortina 🔗
Kamala is an interestingly old-fashioned name. I don't think I know anyone with that name in my generation of Indians. Last famous person with that name was Nehru's wife (Kamala Nehru, Indira's mother) 🔗
I got a free Tile a couple of years ago and put it on my keys. It’s still got juice left, but the app keeps prompting me that it’s time to replace it (irreplaceable battery). Is there a reasonable approach to making such devices run on ambient energy? 🔗
Conundrum of practical learning: can you reach the personally satisfying returns boundary before the pros move the frontier and drag the PSRD with it? If you’re in it for money as personal returns this is a hard constraint. Learn too slow and you’re learning obsolete/free skills. 🔗
Poll: How do you learn practical skills best? 🔗
The serenity prayer classifier has a lot of false positives and false negatives 🔗
Pick 2 of 3: picky, at peace, lazy 🔗
The subtext to the social media output of many people is “I coulda been a contender” Manifests in a dozen different ways but the logic is always the same: this life as justification for why not living that one. See also @ftrain “why wasn’t I consulted?” 🔗
Here for bread-bowl-soup-dream Twitter 🔗
You either die a revolutionary, or live long enough to see yourself turn into a revisionist historian with a YouTube channel 🔗
Cthulhu 🔗
Revolutions can only start in the small gap between realizing the system is working you and you learning to work the system. On average this launch window is about 3 weeks around age 27. You either turn into a revolutionary then, or accept your detente with the world. 🔗
It’s gonna be a scorcher. Not even 9 and the balcony is like an oven 🔗
Gen X is last generation to have a widespread interest in democracy as a truly interesting idea capable of opening up new human conditions less expressive political systems cannot get to. Millennials believe/disbelieve in it as a matter of values. Z’s seem to have given up on it 🔗
Trump’s actions against the USPS I think go beyond voter suppression to stochastic terrorism. 🔗
This feels strange to say but the 90s and aughts are going to be forgotten decades in a century. The historical drama of the 80s and 10s will overwhelm the memories. We’ll be left with vague memories of internet, 9/11 and good TV. The headspace will be impossible to re-evoke. 🔗
I wish the Simpsons hadn’t gone zombie. When it was good, that show did a better job making sense of the world than South Park or Rick and Morty at their best. 🔗
Damn, this is worse than the worst Cruela DeVos has dreamt up for the US. 🔗
Mansion bootstrap plan. Parts required: land, money Step 0: Design mansion in VR Step 1: Build ikea workbench Step 2: Build 3D printer at workbench Step 3: Print smol robot ... ... Step 98674117: Mansion self-assembles 🔗
So getting a dozen for my mansion 🔗
Even per capita the disparity is ridiculous. I’m no longer sure “it’s a third world country” works as an explanation. New guess: “De facto 3rd world” factor: 20% National values: 30% Governance system: 20% Political climate: 10% GOP: 10% Trump: 10% 🔗
Ok this is funny 🔗
MacBook Pro monitor reco? Looking for good budget option. Probably 22-24” 🔗
Can’t recall where I saw this (help?) but rideshare drivers typically don’t work longer during surge to maximize revenue while there’s more money to be made. They just work till they hit their daily income target and go home. I think I’ll call this uberrational economic behavior. 🔗
Mysteriously all food in world has vanished except for 1 year supply held by you. But there are clues and a chance to solve and fix the mystery. Without food, people die in 3 weeks. How do you share the food and why? Eg: just you for a year, 10 smartest people for 36.5 days etc. 🔗
Hmm. Which is more fun: 2d laser cutter or 3d printer? 🔗
6 gears/ratchets assembled for my clocks so far. This procedure is getting a bit repetitive. 🔗
This is a motivated reading/projection. I think the ease of habit formation when the rules are simpler (“wear masks in public” as opposed to complex if-then-else rules about outdoor/indoor/crowded/not crowded) explain thus better than “obedience” for most people 🔗
Trickle down theory works in the wild sometimes. Apex predators eat only a fraction of kills and the rest is eaten by a chain of feeders down to bacteria. Especially true in the ocean. When orcas kill a whale, they only grab a few bites before carcass sinks to bottom-feeders. 🔗
This is hilarious. Looks like kintsugi is medieval Japanese premium mediocre wabisabi signaling 🤣 🔗
Damn this tweet is 6 years old. I’ve been tweeting too long. An entire half-assed generation has half-grown up since then. New goal: do half-assed things in a half-assed way I never did finish thinking through the obvious 2x2 🔗
Damn this is disturbingly true to stereotypes 🔗
How much production finish and polish you like to put on your creative output is a measure of something. I don’t know what. Mine is essentially zero. Possibly even negative. Not talking perpetual beta. I’m talking terminal shipping where your finishing touches aren’t. 🔗
“Unfunded obligations” is such an ugly phrase. We should call them ass checks. 🔗
A good question to ask about any lifestyle is: in what sort of world could it make history? For example junkyard tinkering lifestyle could make history in Mad Max or Terminator post apocalypses because the winning warlord might pick you as CTO Could it be this world? No world? 🔗
My mansion will definitely need an observatory 🔗
Distance from God, good Sunday chuckle from @niftynei 🔗
Life themes shortlist I’m considering for next year 1. Instruments and measurement 2. Repairs (kintsugi and non) 3. Valuation habits 4. Mansions 5. Scavenging 6. Jury-rigging 7. Chindogu 8. Design fictions 9. Tooling 10. Reuse/repurpose/reclaim 🔗
🤔 🔗
Ignorance is like earthquakes in the future. There’s always big shit you don’t know you don’t know. 🔗
Been reflecting on the fact that Spinoza was a working lens grinder while rebooting western philosophy on the side On other side, Leibniz was designing bridges and a computer while inventing calculus and resisting the reboot Both revealing activities. Instrumentation vs design 🔗
I need a life theme for the next year, something more background than goals or plans 🤔 Something the show is about. Neither “about nothing” like Seinfeld, nor a MacGuffin type of nothing. 🔗
This is theater, but I'm glad Pelosi has decided to put it on. If we're going to hell, let's commemorate the milestones at least. 🔗
New 2x2 theory 🔗
Leaders *must* create reality distortion fields to lead effectively. A good RDF is a minimum-viable noble lie. 🔗
I haven't worked out in a month because between gyms shutting down again in LA and moving, I haven't started a new routine. But I think I have had at least a dozen workout-equivalent DIY/maintenance/home-improvement/assembly sessions. Under-rated benefit of repair culture. 🔗
+1 🔗
Mo' mansion, mo' problems 😔 🔗
I suspect a hidden driver of innovation in the modern economy is that the only time it makes sense to do home DIY/maker stuff is if you're trying to invent something actually new that has the potential to generate big returns. Repair/maintenance economics simply doesn't work. 🔗
One reason repair/maintenance/DIY home handyman stuff is such a yakshave is that you have to deal with vast amounts of reality detail for even the smallest, cheapest things, which is why unless you have other motives, it is almost always radically cheaper to replace than repair. 🔗
Most complex superglue surgery in my life. Mending a cracked leg sleeve on a tripod. Had to glue 3 shards (still imperfect) and get glue in crack in front, then apply a g clamp while it dries, since it’s in tension and would pull apart. 🔗
This is an excellent essay on Gandhi, truth, and freedom. I’ll have to reread to absorb fully. I may have read the autobiography a little too early as a teenager. 🔗
Corollary to this morning’s thread: nobody ever really understands anyone else. The best you can do is try to understand yourself better and better. 🔗
I used to think the protection racket side of woke was about targeting HR for diversity training grifts. Now I think it’s about control of PR boilerplate language to accumulate social media capital. In either case actually improving employment diversity is not the goal. 🔗
Gizmometer 🔗
You know you’re getting dangerously French when you start noticing the “grammar” in everything. 🔗
Feels like 80% of mechanical diy complexity comes from clamps, holders, jigs, and fixtures to hold things in position with the right accuracy, tension, rigidity etc. It’s like tactile transhumanism. Extensions of opposable thumbs. Level 2 is moving (tracking) in the right motions 🔗
😂 Well I’ve hedged my bets across the two, though the blog pivot is going slowly 🔗
That would make the Rev. Thomas Bayes the og Bayesian prior? 🔗
Build back better is not a bad phrase. I like it, and don’t mind using it unironically. 🔗
Made up a phrase: Zoomblesse oblige 🔗
Are there any good first-person accounts or interviews of people doing instacart or amazon fresh shopping work? 🔗
Every few weeks I try to read a could of accounts like this to keep my guard. Memetic immunity booster shot? 🔗
Agile infrastructure building... buy a bunch of random little things just in time as projects need them. Let it pile up in random shoeboxes shoved anyhow anywhere until partner yells at you. Then finally buy a desk and organizer cabinet to put it all in. Rinse and repeat. 🔗
My shopping list is growing 2.5x faster than my completed projects list 🔗
Post-covid trends 1. Consumer economy --> prosumer 2. Lean homes -- > fat 3. Dematerialization --> rematerialization 4. Premium mediocre experience economy --> domestic cozy material economy consumer globalization --> intermediates/b2b globalization + circular last mile 🔗
Ikea stuff gets a bad rap, but I have to say, it's been very durable for me. Some of my Ikea stuff has lasted over a decade and a dozen moves. 🔗
Thinking about desks I've had over the years. I had an actual L-shaped desk for home office for several years (I think 2004-09) and 2 cheap desks in L-config for several more years. Single desk for the last year. Now going back to L with a twist: second leg will be a workbench. 🔗
Anybody else experienced a marked mental shift in the last 6 months, being suddenly more willing to own more stuff? I used to be a strong "lean home" person who hated every added kilogram of matter. Now I'm much more willing to own stuff. And not just pandemic-resilence stuff. 🔗
Had a bit of an epiphany trying to generalize leadership learning curves across types of leadership contexts. The thing about VC funded tech startups is that the learning curve is steepest, but it’s heavily underdamped so you have to unlearn/relearn a lot. 🔗
And so it begins... Most people don’t leave a reason (and those who do usually say nice things). Occasionally they cite budget. But this is the first time I’ve seen this listed explicitly as a reason for unsubscribing (though I don’t read all the unsub notifications diligently) 🔗
Saturn. This was way harder. It’s so tiny on the phone screen it’s hard to focus the scope. The naked eye view shows the ring clearly separated but this blurs it 🔗
Jupiter from my telescope with iPhone and adapter. Was a bitch to get this to work. 🔗
Now moving on to the Arduino stage of the Cliche Maker Midlife Crisis. Clearly I need help. 🔗
Didn’t somebody make a thing to import twitter threads into Roam? Like the unroll bots but to Roam? Cc @RoamResearch #roamcult 🔗 🔗
Tech-utopian cycle Year 1: “I will solve discourse conflicts by empowering people with new knowledge tools” Year 5: it’s either dead in water or has created level n+1 discourse conflicts Year 6: “I will solve discourse conflicts by empowering people with new knowledge tools” 🔗
I haven’t done this much hands-on crap since freshman engineering in 93, and I noticed it makes you kinda stupid at higher levels of abstraction. The wealth of phenomenology at the log level tempts you into simplistic abstractions. I caught myself making up a manifesto earlier. 🔗
The moral economy needs to get off the death-count standard. There are more and worse ways for people to suffer than dying. Fiat pain standard. Yes it can be abused and drive runaway victimhood inflation. But it’s better than death being the only thing recognized as “true pain” 🔗
Hmm I didn’t know Max Weber helped draft the Weimar constitution. Case that the Weimar analogy is misguided. 🔗
Why is this a spy game? 🤔 Seems dumb to not just share everything 🔗
Should the ontogeny of an engineer recapitulate the phylogeny of engineering? 🤔 🔗
Part of what I’m doing with my maker shtick rn is sort of recapitulating/larping the scientific revolution starting with Galileo. He gets credit for both the pendulum and the first telescope design good enough for astronomy (though Hans Lippeershey gets first build credit) 🔗
First general learning from a month of varied making/diy project. Every damn thing needs leveling. Telescope tripod, 3D printing build platform, pendulum clock base. This feels significant. 🤔 🔗
Finished assembling my clock but it stops after like 5 tick ticks 😖 🔗
What’s one small single-weekend thing you’d like to make? Either because it’s not available to buy or because you just want to make your own? Assume you have all the necessary skills and equipment at hand. 🔗
So... meta thread on unit economics. In LA, pre-Covid average rates were like $3/sf so a 1000 sf space would be 3k. I’d guess many of these ideas would only start to get interesting if it drops below $2/sf. What the picture in your city? 🔗
Huh interesting that despite the industrial slant to the prompt, a lot of people going with primarily social ideas. Didn’t think there was any real shortage of that. Definitely don’t need to convert retail space to industrial to sustain that, just different furniture. 🔗
If you had 1000 sq feet of cheap, well-located industrial workspace in a fairly dense urban area, what equipment would you put in and what would you do? Assume you can’t be in the food/dark-kitchen business and that supplies you need from China/Amazon continue to flow smoothly. 🔗
Hmm. 🔗
funny thread 🔗
I have no problem with reality falsifying my beliefs but I really don’t like my fiction rotation cache being invalidated by new historical moods. I don’t think I can enjoy Yes, Prime Minister or The Simpsons ever again. Even Hitchhiker’s Guide is under threat now. 🔗
I’m only doomscrolling because I’ve rebinged my supply of lowbrow science fiction many times over 🔗
🤔 🔗
Need updated Asimov 3 laws of robotics. Ones that lead to interesting new subversions and story premises. Anyone got good candidates? 🔗
Really quite strange how deep space objects look like cheesy space opera explosions 🔗
Groundhog Year 🔗
The color coding they use for aqi maps is very well chosen. Captures the visceral sense of more burnedness. I have an actual somatic response to the dark red. 🔗
“Reality royalty” is the ugliest phrase I’ve heard in years 🔗
Now this is interesting 🔗
This situation we’re in is like 30% new with reference to all history, and 85% new with respect to living memory 🔗
This is the longest I’ve gone without watching new live action tv (not counting new-to-me old shows) 🔗
I just check all tabs of trending topics and not a single item on any tab was of interest to me 🔗
good question... I think it’s because it is far easier to be wrong than tasteless 🔗
yep... if you grew up in the 80s do yourself a favor and watch it 🔗
still getting media pings about premium mediocre 3 years later... zero regrets about not doing anything more with the meme, but watching it keep going like a headless zombie without any parental supervision is very entertaining 🔗
This dude’s understanding of history is remarkably close to mine. Never heard of him though. 🔗
Next pandemic live-read. Pale Rider, by Laura Spinney, about the Spanish Flu. I'm relentless. 🔗
Groundhog Day is a weirdly effective narrative pattern for TV/movies. I don’t think it works in text media. Watching a character repeatedly live through a loop that others forget, including dying/suffering, until they puzzle their way out, packs a big punch. 🔗
Poll: Your end-times aesthetic 🔗
What’s the difference between a technical aesthetic and a tactical aesthetic? Respond with A/B example comparison pairs. 🔗
Has anyone ever heard a real life evil laugh that’s not a conscious imitation of the theatrical kind? And I don’t mean ordinary derisive, mocking, or contemptuous laughter. I mean the “my evil plan worked” muahahaha kind. I mean it must have come from a real laugh at some point 🔗
The reboot’s already done. If you haven’t noticed, it’s because you’ve been designed out of the new normal. 🔗
Looks more like nazgul cosplay 🤔 🔗
Poll: Big mood 🔗
Anyone flown to/from India from/to US recently, on a non-repatriation regular flight? Orbitz lists Air India and United flights, so I assume in theory travel is back on? 🔗
Hehehehe 😎 🔗
Still trying to make up my mind whether the drift towards artisan, individually hand-crafted essays is a supply-side speculative trend/wishful writing, or a demand side trend from readers who want a more premium/custom reading experience over commodity mass-content sausage 🤔 🔗
Engineering disciplines in order of DIY hackability from most to least, based on non-knowledge inputs Software Kitchen chemical (baking soda class) Electrical (non-electronic) Mechanical Electronic Civil Aerospace (hobby drone grade) Chemical (non-kitchen) Material science 🔗
The pandemic has made every bureaucracy 3x worse. Businesses that are still alive are at least trying their best to serve customers. Government bureaucracies otoh, seem to have decided you can deal with the costs/penalties etc of their delays and flubs. 🔗
Great story. Good case of media using its power/reach for good. 🔗
Reality has a surprising amount of detail part 557.887.a 🔗
Rich and poor are basically the same except the rich have more money The middle class though, we’re a whole different species 🔗
😆 🔗
so how are you de-elitifying yourself? 🔗
stupid aqi *wheeze* *sniffle* *cough* 🔗
Ready for the weekend? The apocalypse doesn’t take the weekend off HAH 🔗
it’s not doomscrolling the rest of you are ostriches 🔗
🤬 🔗
sometimes it feels like maybe we should great filter ourselves out 🔗
🤣 🔗
feed empty send more scrollable doom 🔗
shit Twitter is just extra extra all the time 🔗
I need to watch this documentary 🔗
There’s a difference between providing fresh information and confirming stale suspicions. The narrative market has already priced in all conceivable suspicions of trump. 🔗
Two words kinda nagging at me: inconvenience and patience 🤔 🔗
For real. 🔗
brrrr💥🔥🔥🔥 🔗
From reject profile pic pile. Decided to stick with helicopter. I’m evolving past ikea. 🔗
Mo’ principles mo’ problems 🔗